Meet Jen

Hey, I’m so happy you stopped by! I’m Jen and I’m a happily married, Jesus-loving, Nurse-turned-youth-worker who’s also passionate about writing. I took my Nursing Degree before realizing that God had different and bigger plans for me! I LOVE connecting and working with teens on a daily basis, and even more importantly, the opportunities I get to share my love for Jesus with them.

Some things you’ll learn about me is that I absolutely love all outdoor adventures, my heart will always be in the mountains, I’m an old soul that loves drinking tea, listening to classic oldies or jazz, taking walks, and diving into books, and I’m a huge foodie and love cooking up new recipes- in fact, I love trying new things in general. You’ll find that I’m super competitive with lots of things, but especially love a good board game or card game with a group of awesome people.

Family is important to me, as are my various other support communities. I passionately advocate for each person to be plugged in to a support network, accepting community, and to be surrounded by people to edify, encourage, and challenge GROWTH!

God has led and empowered me to share my testimony and spiritual journey with others. I believe that no girl should be alone in her walk with God. On this blog you’ll find a bit of everything, but my purpose with all of it is to journey alongside YOU with Jesus. I desire to offer my advice and encouragement, but even MORE desire for us to be vulnerable together, challenge each other, and grow together. 

Friend, there is so much MORE in store for your relationship with Jesus. Each one of us has burdens, challenges, and very real and personal struggles in our daily journey, but my prayer is that together we pursue MORE of Jesus. MORE of His word, MORE of His grace, MORE of His love.

Let’s do it together. Will you join me on this journey with Jesus?!